Being a Responsible Company…

Today, numerous companies not only develop their systems and structures, but also open themselves to “independent audit” with respect to the operation of the mentioned systems. For one moment, imagine your company going through a “Responsibility” audit, in addition to the extremely vital financial, technical and structural audits.

What are your criteria, plans, practices?

Becoming a responsible company is not less significant than financial and structural aspects. Beyond dispute, this issue has the potential of becoming the most basic field of “audit” in the near future.

“Dismissals” due to various reasons are a natural an inevitable part of business life. HRM Consulting, attaching value on the principle of being a responsible company, supports its clients so that they can handle the “dismissal process” “in the rightest, most positive manner, which is in favour of the person, company and society”.

Despite all the unpleasantness evoked by the “dismissal” phenomenon, which is a highly sensitive issue in terms of social responsibility and corporate image, the same phenomenon can and must be turned into an “opportunity” not only for the “dismissed employee”, but also for the company.

To this end, HRM Consulting deems dismissals not as an “end”, but as a fresh first step taken towards “New Horizons” and evaluates the situation from such perspective.

The service offered for your employees – whom you had to lay off – aims at facilitating their process of looking for a new job.

One of the main purposes of this service is to ensure that the dismissed employees evaluate the new circumstance they have to face with in a right and rational manner, direct their careers correctly in the following process and use their energies at utmost level and in place, thus, making sure that they sustain their positive feelings about the institution they once worked for.

The service offered under the management and guidance of HRM Consulting includes revealing weaknesses and strengths of people by conducting a “Personal Profile Analysis”, making a career-transition plan, training for preparing a proper résumé and effective interview techniques, disclosing personal marketing message, informing in job search tools, comparison method to be applied when more than one job opportunities appear at the same time and relevant other titles. HRM also uses its own contacts in an attempt to create job opportunities for those who receive such service.

People who receive services throughout the mentioned process can utilize HRM’s office facilities.

BP Türkiye
HRM in three words; Reliable, Solution-oriented and Responsive. BP Turkey has been working with HRM over 10 years, throughout which, has never faced with any non-compliance or inaccuracy.
A relatively small but extremely professional company and more importantly a trusted business partner.

Reyhan Elmalidag
BP Turkey Upstream HR Advisor
HRM is a long-term, trusted partner we depend on, supporting our agility with well-thought perspectives and prompt actions.

Human Resources Director
Bilkent Üniversitesi
  “HRM is an employment agency that is widely  prefered by professionals from different executive/staff level who work at varied sectors and seek new opportunities. Its wide and qualified candidate porfolio served in our previous employments as powerfull tool. Another outstanding feature of HRM is its process management that fullfils needs and expectations of both candidates and employers”

Ersun Türköz
Human Resources Manager
We have been working with HRM for about 10 years. In every projects that we worked, consultants exceeds to our expectation in their services. For this reason, we continue to work for years.

Yasin ATAK 
Insan Kaynakları Müdürü / Human Resources Manager