What would I win by looking for a job through HRM Consulting?
Providing consultancy services for a number of companies that attach importance to human resources, HRM Consulting offers you many different alternatives. By this way, you get the chance to make a choice from among various job opportunities and render the rightest decision by receiving the opinions of our expert consultants with regard to career planning. Feel free to contact our experienced and dynamic team, without having concerns of ?Will my application remain confidential??
Do I need to make any payments when I apply to HRM Consulting or leave my Résumé?
HRM is one of the first private employment agencies certified by İşkur (Turkish Employment Agency). When you apply to or find a job through our company, you will not be charged under any circumstances. If there are consultancy companies that charge you in exchange for such services, please file a complaint to İŞKUR by sending an e-mail to the following address: [email protected]
How does the process continue once I apply to HRM?
After you apply for a specific position, you will be invited to be interviewed by HRM consultants if your qualifications are deemed appropriate for such position. We try to know you better during the interview. If your career expectations match with what the firm offers you, we will provide you with more detail about the potential job opportunity and the company you will be working for. In case you are interested in such job opportunity, we share with the company the report we have prepared about you. If the company considers you positively, then we introduce you to the company executives. Prior to such meeting, we relay detailed information about the company and the person you will be interviewed by, preparing you for the upcoming interview. The process continues depending on the recruitment policy of the company. As a result of the evaluations, you will receive a job offer if the company responds positively. In the event that the company decides to offer a job to another candidate, you are definitely notified about the situation and your résumé is kept in our database, to be considered for alternate job opportunities.
How do you ensure confidentiality of my résumé?
HRM Consulting attaches great importance to the confidentiality of candidate résumés. To this end, we receive prior approval of the candidate before sharing his/her details with the company and present the candidate report prepared by our consultants to the company that receives consultancy services as an anonymous application. Our database, on the other hand, is kept secure as subject to extensive measures, which is accessible merely to HRM consultants.
What would my firm win by collaborating with HRM Consulting?
Collaboration with HRM Consulting will make you win concentrated attention, time, confidentiality, reliability, objectivity, a professional perspective, innovation, a solid and stable human resources policy and productivity.

- If you intend to prevent any external pressure on staff recruitment,

- If you have experienced that you fail to reach eligible candidates through your own recruitment methods,

- However, if you are aware that an objective and specialized outside opinion, not influenced by the structure and routines of the company, will settle the in-house human resources problems,

- If you can recognize human resources as the most significant component in inter-company competition and if you calculate the loss of effort, time and money caused by selecting an ineligible candidate,

- If you can foresee that the company productivity will enhance when you allocate the time and efforts you would be sparing on staff selection and problems to your specialty,

Then we are ready to work with you!

BP Türkiye
HRM in three words; Reliable, Solution-oriented and Responsive. BP Turkey has been working with HRM over 10 years, throughout which, has never faced with any non-compliance or inaccuracy.
A relatively small but extremely professional company and more importantly a trusted business partner.

Reyhan Elmalidag
BP Turkey Upstream HR Advisor
HRM is a long-term, trusted partner we depend on, supporting our agility with well-thought perspectives and prompt actions.

Human Resources Director
Bilkent Üniversitesi
  “HRM is an employment agency that is widely  prefered by professionals from different executive/staff level who work at varied sectors and seek new opportunities. Its wide and qualified candidate porfolio served in our previous employments as powerfull tool. Another outstanding feature of HRM is its process management that fullfils needs and expectations of both candidates and employers”

Ersun Türköz
Human Resources Manager
We have been working with HRM for about 10 years. In every projects that we worked, consultants exceeds to our expectation in their services. For this reason, we continue to work for years.

Yasin ATAK 
Insan Kaynakları Müdürü / Human Resources Manager