HRM Consulting develops solutions for companies, so that they become aware of the human resources potential in their organization, and employ and retain qualified people who can get attuned to their corporate culture. HRM offers consultancy services at the identification and analysis stages of the problems that are or might be encountered by organizations.

HRM Consulting draws its strength from its over 20 years of experience in the field of human resources consultancy and from its loyal clients. Up until today, more than 2000 companies met their needs in the field of human resources by means of the innovative solutions offered by HRM Consulting. Capable of easily producing solutions for the demands of different provinces, thanks to its multiple offices, HRM provides its clients with effective and rapid services through its dynamic team. HRM’s assertive database, references and service mentality bear the traces of the company’s sound and continuous background.

HRM generates flexible solutions tailored to the needs of its clients with its service mentality composed of a synthesis of international standards and local experiences. HRM aims at strengthening human resources in all kinds of businesses. It acts with the vision of becoming a company which plays a leading role with regard to the change and development in the field of human resources, having an effective role in enhancing the efficiency of human resources which is guided by universal success criteria.