As one of the most experienced companies within the sector, HRM Consulting pursues the objective of finding employees eligible for the needs and structures of the companies and finding companies and positions for the candidates, in line with their qualifications. Following such approach, our company has so far provided more than 25.000 people with employment opportunities.

Our client portfolio consists of over 2000 organizations with a professional approach, operating in various sectors.

Our candidate bank, which ranks high in both quantitative and qualitative terms, is a natural outcome of HRM’s ‘continuity and consistency’ based on a long and sound background.

Knowing that our clients are more concerned about “accurate, rapid and effective solutions and results” rather than the quantitative size of HRM’s candidate bank, HRM’s main assertion can be summarized as such:

There is only one candidate in HRM’s candidate bank; that’s the candidate you are looking for!


  • Getting acquainted with the company
  • Examining the job definition and constructing the employee profile
  • Determining the correct method to find eligible candidates
    • Via HRM's database
    • Through announcements (newspapers, job/employee searching websites and e-career groups)
    • Via Social Media
    • Via HRM's network
    • By headhunting and namehunting
  • Reviewing and evaluating the candidates' résumés
  • Making telephone interviews with the candidates
  • Interviewing the candidates by applying competency-based interview techniques
  • Submitting reports of the selected candidate to the client
  • Introducing the candidates to the client
  • Making and presenting to the clients a new short list, if necessary
  • Screening references and submitting reports in line with the preferences of the company (fourth screening)
  • Clarifying the starting date of employment and working conditions for the candidate
  • Tracking the satisfaction of the candidate and the company semi-annually