Since 2012 HRM Consulting is working with expatriates from various countries including USA, UK (England/Scotland), Azerbaijan, Georgia, Italy and Turkey. With our proven methodology and non-traditional approach to learning we continue to extend our services to a wide range of industries.

Our clientele are incoming and outgoing expatriates, their accompanying spouse and children.

Expat Coaching

Relocating to a new country means more than just living in a new city or eating different foods. Expatriates and families going to live and/or work in another country also have to adapt to a new culture which can sometimes be completely different from their own.

Expatriate support services can help you and your employees through these transitions by providing our customized services.

Our personalized services make life easier so expatriates can concentrate on their duties instead of dealing with the stress of living abroad and being in a different culture.

Our success in these customized training programs is highly measurable with personal and professional feedback. Our consultants carefully craft each program to the need of the expat and family.

We personalize our “Cultural Awareness and Adaptation” training for expatriates by collaborating your company values and mission and the Turkish business and social culture and its values.

Turkish Social and Business Culture

Cultural Adaptation and Awareness Training

Our Cultural Adaptation and Awareness training helps make sense of Turkish social cultural difficulties, challenges and drawbacks that need to be understood. Cultural values of your new home country can be confusing and hard to understand. It’s important to provide information about the current political environment, social customs and general etiquette rules in social meetings and negotiation strategies.

Our consultants and expat coaches provide key cultural insights, information and tips to help expatriates and their families to settle in their new home as quick as possible.

Providing our services to your employees will benefit you in numerous ways.  Such situations may cause the loss of the productivity of your employee during his/her adaptation period.  Specifically, you will not need to deal with the related stress or anxieties during this important change. We’ll do it for you.

Expatriates and related family members will receive customized cultural tools, activities and tips to help them fully understand their new host culture and any challenges they may face using situational examples. Our approach to learning is geared towards interactive participation.

HRM provides its exclusive services mainly in Istanbul, Ankara, and Izmir.